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Lawnmowing Contractor

We understand the many and varied aspects of your Lawnmowing Business.

Collectively our specialist team have over 150 years of experience in the Industry, providing an unrivalled level of understanding of the unique Liability exposures of your Trade including:

  • Accidental Damage to Property from flying objects hit during mowing,
  • Exposures in doing Public Works (Council Contractor)
  • Conditional Registration of Machinery requirements if Slashing,
  • Subcontractors,
  • And Many More.

We can provide Liability limits ranging from $ 5,000,000 to $ 50,000,000 and appreciate the need for some City Council Contractors.

We ensure that the purchasing process is as hassle free and paperless as possible to leave you free to continue your business uninterrupted.

And of course our experience and knowledge allow us to fully support and guide you through any claims process when the unexpected occurs.

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